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ouch, you have wounded my pride

the twinks which you have been crying about in this thread are NOT exploiting. they are getting ZERO out of leaving warzones before they end. meanwhile, by finishing without them you get XP and are able to level up, and leave the lowbie bracket behind. real PvP starts at 50. lowbie PvP is there for nothinge except introducing you to the mechanics, and giving you an alternate way to gain XP. other than that, it has no bearing on overall play because winning or losing has no real meaning; you get XP either way. not to mention the Bolster effect gives players a false sense of gear equality (except in the case of moron 49 twinkers), which leads to QQ when people hit 50.

if someone wants to waste their time fooling around trolling people in the lowbie bracket, that is their own prerogative. if youre in a WZ with someone doing that, and you dont like it, you can do 2 things: leave, and get no XP, effectively wasting your own time; or you can stick it out, accept the fact that whoever twinking like that was not hugged enough as a child, collect your XP and eventually hit level 50 and leave them behind.

call me bad if you want, tho youre only stating the obvious. my sig is pretty clear on where i sit on the uberness scale.

bottomline is that this is just another thing to whine about. bioware should absolutely not waste time on the lowbie bracket; its a place to learn mechanics and level, nothing more. endgame PvP should be the driving factor behind warzones changes.
Lowbie PvP is valueless to you, but that doesn't automatically make any issue that crops up in it unworthy of discussion and possibly fixing.
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