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Very informative. Why exactly do you love Koon so much? I mean I'm not saying he's not cool or anything but he's rarely recognised in lore.

I would also like to see a an in-depth look at Grievous., with is original backstory of course. I only know his origins from Wookieepedia - and I'd like to know more. It seems there is much more to Grievous than the moustache twirling villain we see in TCW and RotS.
Well, my first action figure was Plo Koon. I really never knew that much about him other than he sat on the Jedi Council. Then Plo Koon was a playable character on Jedi Power Battles and it just went on from there. It was never about how powerful he was, he was a character that fascinated me.

I'll probably discuss General Grievous later. Once I finish Thrawn I'll move on to recommendations.
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