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While I agree that it isn't 100% accurate, it isn't dated. Also, looking at your above post, I don't think yours would be more useful. I hope one of the things you have learned from Uni is that the content of your work is irrelevant if no one can understand it. I respect that English may not be your first language and while I may not agree entire with Mallisant, his work is, overall, excellent and a great aid to the tanking community.
first was not insulting him , i just mentioned the data was out dated witch people who are new to the game might not know ........ 2nd it does not mean you have the right to then have ago at my english when i was saying i will update the thread to help ........ so can go crawl back in to the cave u came out of " , it isn't dated. " it is completely dated. this happens over time , i was not insulting the effort put in. it was amazing when it was done how ever it takes a long time to update these , was not an insult was just pure facts .............