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That the Silencer was used in the Kaggath

That i could have spared Thanaton, or at least told him i Understood

To have more meetings with the Dark Council

To have kept the rakata box and talked to khem every now and then. Or got the two of them to get along inside the body. Khem was so good to me, and i had him from the start, but i felt loyal to Zash and couldnt betray her because she saved my life. And i wasnt about to miss out on the Surge Bonus from khems Story >.>

That i felt like i had at least ONE ally on the council.

That i had more of a power base.

That Moff Pyron could have been promoted by my Inquisitor

That Achelon was developed more...


That i couldnt have killed Thanaton myself. He deserved that at least.

That Thanaton had to die.

That i had to FORCE Ashara to come with me on taris. I would have liked to persuade her.

That I didnt get to manipulate more.

That my cult on Nar Shadaa werent there to see me on Dromund Kaas (That i saw) Also that i didnt get to control them a little more.

That my sorcerer couldnt figure out how to learn more than one craft -____-

We all live or die as Krayt wills, Stryfe. At his word, I would cut out my own heart. Or yours.
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