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I don't understand why some people love to judge characters black and white.

Sure Anakin's action is over the top while he had a reason, Padme was wrong to not point it out, but that does not make her a bad person.
Doesnt make her a good person either.

We all see Anakins reasons making it appear he had a right to do what he did instead of finding her and placing them in custody.. I know that sounds stupid but hey, he is a jedi.
What about the sand people? Maybe Shmi was on their land taking their berries and was trying to speak to her before she went all, "My son is a jedi and he is going to whoop you!" so they freaked out and placed her in bondages until the Sand People police showed up. Then Ani finds her and kills them? :P

I just think there are always two sides of a story and we only get one, however, the Sand People do infact have a history and I agree with such. But Ani's eventual demise shows his past at the tuskan hut was very much part of it.
And with that... Qui Gon talks to yoda in the spiritual realm and he heard qui yell at ani but never talked about even when he told mace about it. Talk about loose ends. And qui gon never bothered to tell yoda."oh hey.. i saw little ani go cyclone on the sand peeps. Just so you kno."
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