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It's frustrating I guess when people don't play to your own sense of morality, etiquette and fairness.

One FP the healer needed on everything and taunted another player for raising an objection.

"**** - it's only a game!"

A vote to kick was initiated and 2/3 of us voted him off the group.

The third person was incredulous. "You kicked the HEALER?"

Truth was, he wasn't actually healing that much/well anyway. I died twice before we kicked him. I off-healed and nobody died. We completed the FP one person down and with no more wipes.

I've seen it bring out the best in people too though.

Another time a F2Per needed on stuff that was of no use to him whatsoever. He ignored me and other members trying to explain to him, in an incredibly polite and accomodating manner, a little etiquette.

Long story short, I ended up with nothing of value from a 45 minute Black Talon run, despite the majority of the drops being for my class. of which I was the only one.

We were all being inclusive towards this F2Per as, you know, we're trying to help out and make people feel welcome so they're not turned off the game right at the start.

At the end, one of the group members offered to take me through the FP again so I could grab the loot that had been needed on by Mister F2P. Which was a lovely thing to do!

I certainly don't hate on F2P players. I enjoy this game a lot, and hope others are attracted to it and want to come play with us all. Fostering a good atmosphere and making their experience a good one goes some way towards that goal.

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