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12.02.2012 , 11:02 AM | #54 what I do. When you see one of these "ninja's" in your PUG, explain to them the difference between Need and Greed (Need = immediate upgrade for current character/ Greed = upgrade for companion or alt) and why "need"ing on everything is bad grouping form. If they still continue to "ninja" mark their name down and refuse to group with them again. If you use Group Finder it tells you the name of the people you are grouping with before you even hit the accept button. If enough people did this, these "ninja" would eventually be alone maybe then they could learn about sharing and proper group etiquette.

Just my two creds, Peace all.
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Worst Launch? Ever heard of Jurassic Park? John gave Dr. Grant early access and all of a sudden... PEOPLE. ARE. DYING.