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I used to be a fully augmented WH war leader, 31-point guardian with mostly +def augs (some +str/+end augs to give me some offense). I could actually do between 125-200k dmg with somewhere between 100-200k protection.

I was always left to solo guard nodes/doors because no class could take me down 1v1 in less than 30-45s.

Then I realized something. I wasn't a tank... I was a bunker.

I had absolutely no offense. As a tank guarding an off node, you are a liability to your team, because if the other team sends just one to take your guard, they have to send at least one person to help you ... That leaves the rest of your team at a potential numerical disadvantage, and the best teams can exploit this small window to turn the tide in the WZ.

So, I rebuilt myself. I picked up a suit of DPS gear.

I began playing all vigilance (full DPS), to learn rotations necessary to push damage.

Now, if I need to tank, I'll use this template:

If its a Huttball, I'll wear my full tank gear set/relics/etc. If I'm solo guarding a node now, I will mix/match my setup.

Often, I will swap to DPS set bonus gear + tanking relics/implants/ear. If solo guarding, I will keep Soresu stance up (to protect against stealthers), and if I can see someone coming to challenge (a non-stealth class), I will swap into Shien stance, and attack. If a stealth class hits me with their opener, I'll separate them (push/awe), then get Shien activated before I attack.

Don't be a bunker. Be a tank. Find some offense, because frankly ... Your defense isn't as good as you think.
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