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What does Bioware actually use to measure the dps of the various classes, and how close are the classes and each of their specs to each other if utilized to the best and equally geared?

SimeC /WrathCalcs and other such theoretical programs have always been more fun programming than actually being useed as a reliable source for dps comparisons between the classes and their specs. Saying that I have no idea which claesses do the best dps, i cant trust SimC and everyone seems to agree someone else is more powerful. Yes I know theere is always that one person who is smarter than you or better looking than you, no matter how hard you try... might bee the case that applies here, but it is worthwhile knowing how they measure up, and how far behind each other they are.
Soe, which are the highest hitters, and how far are they behind the lowest hitters? has bioware got the balance really fine? ore is it way off? Can you run with any dps spec if you min-max and fully exploit your classes/spec's features, or are the teougher encounters only acceptable with certain class/specs?

So without much ado, who are the leaders? pls state class and skill tree: I here a lot being touted about Sentinel/Marauder dps, Vanguard/Powertech dps and Gunslinger/Sniper dps on the republic side...

but on the Empire side, i hear a lot about Sorceror/Sage dps, Assassin/Shadow dps and Merc/Commando dps --

pls state the specs you're referring too in your list, and I rarely hear much about Operative/Scoundrel dps, Jugg/Guardian dps altho sometimes i get reports that theydps very highly and may only lose out if a marauder/sentinel buff is needed and not cos of dps

Are there clear cut winners ?? or is #toR just amazingly well balanced?