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Im looking to make millions. Which crew skill combinations is best? And what items is good to farm (and where can I do it) <3
Raid end-game content twice a week, reverse engineer EVERYTHING you'll get in order to get schematics. Craft, sell, profit. If you get an exclusive item charge uber high to prevent r/e. Abuse legacy gear to r/e your stuff. I.e. Raid with artifice character and send mods/armorings/barrels to your alts via Legacy Gear.

That's my story. My sig is tad outdated
Bioware, please let us know if we're ever going to see iconic Jedi robes in the game... Or why not? - Accept my referral to express gratitude for my years-long fight for iconic Jedi attire in this "Star Wars" game. You'll get some goodies on top of it, too.