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These things are hard to justify being Nomi Sunrider is 300+ years before Satele Shan who is by far a lead character of her time . Alot of things have happened in 300+ years , the Jedi have become more skilled , and more powerful . They have reorginized and learnt from more than 300+ years of War , Kun > Revan > The Empire .

So I say Satele Shan wins this because not only is she a RARE Jedi Grandmaster (Rare title amongst Jedi and the leader) , but shes had more too learn from than Nomi Sunrider and Nomi Sunrider is one of those lessons for sure .
Satele Shan has more Abilities Nomi has but Force Sever + Satele is a Frontline Warrior who has fought Sithlords of her time face to face.
I am sure it would not be a fact fight but when the smoke clears , Satele Shan will be the one still standing .
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