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I find it interesting that more time is spent on fleet or in Ops, FP's, and WZ. (and not much on planetary time - i.e. time spent "in the story" of the War between the Sith and the Republic) - that means there are a lot of lvl 50's that are running around without something to do - or they are running the FP's, etc. over and over for a few commendations and getting bored like me. How many times do we have to keep running the same Ops, etc. before we just quit from bordom. The game is about the storyline and without expanding and changing the storyline it just gets too boring. So I run an ops 4 or 5 times just to get some minor upgrades and to beat the op? --- after that there is no more challenge or purpose! And you think I'm going to create more than 2 or 3 characters just to run them through the same missions over and over again? All the new level 50 ops, etc., are nothing more than bait to keep the die-hards hanging on for another month or two, another piece of gear so they can brag to their friends, etc..

SWTOR is a cool game (and story) for level 1 - 50 ------- then it completely fails!

There should be a different "multi-path" story for each advance class - that way everyone will stay interested in the story and have multiple possiblities for their characters even if they play the same character type multiple times - = endless hours of play, no bordom, more players, and more money for your company... A game's success depends on a good story and once you reach lvl 50 in SWTOR there is no more story....
I support this wholeheartedly. Story is the reason I play SWTOR.