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12.02.2012 , 09:06 AM | #37
Do you have any statistics on the tank/healer/dps ratio in swtor ? Also, do dps tend to use lfg tool less than tanks and healers ? Maybe it´s just me but i rarely use lfg on a dps char.

When deciding on 4man groups did you (development as a whole) look into statistics of similar games with tank/healer/dps setup and balanced the groupsize on how many players usually play each type of class, or did you just decide on a 4man group to make it different from that other mmo ? (leading question i know)

After you have answered the questions feel you can answer, is there any chance you´ll get back later to this thread and maybe do some followup answers. Maybe check in on your thread every 14 days and just say hi if there´s no questions.

Also i would love if the other development who we´ve met would follow their threads and maybe come with followup answers ever 14days or so. I know you can only answer for yourself, but having a bit of feedback from development is much apreciated.