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12.02.2012 , 08:49 AM | #70
AND to the OP:

I dont think changing AOE Smash to a melee single-target attack would be a good idea. Vengeance is the single target attack tree, I dont think you need 2 trees like that. Its fine that LolDerpSmash is an AOE ability, I just think that it needs to be changed to a Melee attack (like you said), instead of a Force Attack, but leave it an AOE. Maybe then some shielding could come into play.

Also, I dont think any 30% dmg boost to scream is necessary. I have a level 50 jug, i've seen some pretty high scream numbers. A 30% dmg boost is WAAAY overboard. I know you were trying to take away from one section to add to another section to keep the dmg metrics numbered, but I dont think thats a good idea.

Is not that it exists, or that the damage is off the charts. Because like you said, its easy to see coming and avoid. The main problem is there isn't just 1 of them in a warzone, there are 2-6 LOL. If derpsmash was 1 player per warzone, it would be a non issue. The issue is they are everywhere. And 1x 7k derpsmash is liveable, 2-6 though = your whole team being 1 shotted.
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