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12.02.2012 , 08:33 AM | #68
From reading the responses from mara's on this thread I'm going to have to assume non of them have played ranked, least not to a reasonable level.

This isn't a sly dig at you all but I'm just going to have to assume you've not seen 4 bis geared smash/sweepers working in coordination because if you had, there's no way you'd even be bothering to defend this tactic / spec.

All of the warzones are about choke point control, the attacker doesn't have the luxury of dictating where the fight takes place, we can't "pull" the mara's out of defence with range because each choke point contains some LOS breaker. If you want to take a defended node you fight on their terms.

So let's take a look at voidstar? Two choke points being fought over (doors) , multiple LOS breakers and everyone has to be huddled in a 20/30 yard area to be effective. Smash will be multiple targets without the need to pay attention to the fight and if you can time 4 at the same time (coordination in pvp? who'd have thunk it!) then you are going to put out a unhealable amount of damage and players will die. You can attack opposite sides in an attempt to spread the attack but there's always predation to help you (and your team mates) over to the relevant door in seconds.

Novere? Same thing. Everyone huddled around a turret trying to cap it, set off your smash choo choo train and you'll wipe out the attacking force. Someone is attacking your less defending turret? Oh well let's pop our group movement speed enhancer and trot on over, heck you can just even leap the last part!

Civil war? See above

Huttball? See above but with less LOS breakers at mid.

The spec on it's on may not be broken, imo it is but hey if you want to argue that then i'll listen. The problem comes from 3+ mara's all hitting the same move in a 1-2 second window which puts out around 18k AOE damage. When all of the warzones are about choke point control then this is simply game breaking, when you factor in the group speed buff, class mobility and defensive cooldowns it's pretty clear that this class is severely broken.

If you have some amazing counter move to this, preferably something that's viable so not "don't attack in a group", let me know and I'll try it out in rated.

The only reasonable counter to this tactic I've seen involved elaborate baiting + switching followed by even more elaborate group CC+slows. When all off this needed to counter play one of the most faceroll spec in the game, it's broken.