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But here in lies the problem, from my knowledge of the Great Sith War, he didn't. The only battle Exar Kun led was the invasion of Ossus. The Krath Holy Crusades began before Kun was seduced to the dark side and were led by the Keto's. Then Kun goes to Cinnagar to confront Keto and Ulic alone. Not a battle here, a duel. The Dark Reaper Campaign was led by Ulic after this. Then Kun went to Ossus personally and killed Odun-Durr - again this was a duel not a battle. It was Ulic who subjugated the Mandalorians, which began the Mandalorian Crusdades led by Mandalore. Ulic invaded Coruscant, then Kun comes along and kills his Master. Again a duel. And then finally Kun takes up the reigns and invade Ossus. After that he retreats back to Yavin 4, leaving command to Ulic once more - who betrays him and has him defeated. Kun spends all his time searching for the secrets of Freedon Nadd, tracking down and dueling people, and then establishing his brotherhood. The way I see it, he was the Vitiate of the Great Sith War - hiding away in his fortress while his minions waged war which he wasn't even concerned about, it was obvious all Kun wanted was power in the dark side.
Oh I wasn't suggesting he led all of those campaigns personally, but this is how he would lead them, just massive invasions with carnage as his main weapon, I doubt there would be many tactics beyond the basic that Kun would employ, but I would wager that eventually he'd seek out Battle Meditation, something he showed when he empowered all his acolytes before they went on the whole night of the long knives deal.

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Again I'm unsure. The Krath were a secret society who conquered one system. How could they possibly have so many warriors? And why did they retreat to Teta and hope their presence would go unnoticed, when they supposedly had billions of warriors under their banner?
Basically, I am not saying the mighty Krath Warriors just have hordes after hordes, we know they had three separate massive forces that made up different parts of Kun's Empire, but we also know that they did conscript regular men into your typical army, when the war against the Republic intensified.

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This is the only evidence that the Krath had numbers, and don't forget the Mandalorians were just as fanatic.
The Mandalorians were fanatic yes, but not all of them, the proper Mandalorians were, but many of the Neo-Crusaders gave up in battle, we see this at the Second Battle of Dxun when the Exile used a trap to cut off their escape, we also saw such a thing in latter stages of the war, which is commented on in the KotOR comics, I believ by the Republic officer before he bumps into Zarrick(?).

Now you could easily argue that given the ruthlessness of the enemy, many soldiers wouldn't just turn themselves in because they'd die anyway, but I certainly believe it would demoralise the greener crusaders.