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I would say Yoda. Caedus was arrogant and would soon succumb to stupidity in a long fight.
Dont get me wrong, the fight between Caedus and Luke was possibly the most entertaining and the best written fight i have ever read, but the Mara fight between Caedus showed that Caedus needed unexpected tricks (worthy to be called a Sith) while Yoda would simply use the force. What Caedus knows that Yoda does not though because of the fight between Mara was an unusual Jedi vs Sith fight of physicality. Jedi just didnt fight with barehands, bite, scratch, punch. Yoda was civilized in his fighting which in fact could be his downfall.

Not to mention, Yoda may have been strong in the force but he was the Grandmaster Jedi when the Jedi order collapsed and destroy by the Sith.

Still One vs One in a middle of a sale... Yoda. And definately Yoda if Yoda succumbed to the darkside.

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