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That's right. You should tell Kyere or whatever his name is to stop typing hate to me because he is jealous of my skill, and dps.

Just because they are in Hey I'm MVP and I am in BC does not mean they are better than me by any means. In fact they are worst than some no name sins I have fought.

After I pwned them in 1v1, and out dpsed them in the same game, I was thinking ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ
first fof all your hiding behind a name like 99% of people. second of all ur prolly fathomless that terrible dps sin who beat my FULL TANK SIN IN FULL TANK GEAR BY LESS THAN 10K DAMAGE AND YOU DID 3K PROT DO YOU KNOW HOW TO TAUNT. And i doubt you could ever even beat wakalord if he was naked.

oh and youve never actually 1v1d me so if you want to back up ur **** talk beat wakalord before you even come to me
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