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I really like this series, but I think some rule changes in these directions would make it more like a real Kaggath (instead of a simple war between two power bases.)

You also asked for suggestions. So here are mine:
  • Jedi Consular vs Sith Inquisitor
  • Master Oteg (his Fleet + the Strike Team) vs Master Kenobi (his Forces on Utapau)... in general, two good characters against each other
  • Queen Talia of Onderon vs Queen Amidala of Naboo
You make good points but the purpose of the rules are to:
ensure that combatants can't play instakill moves which render them indestructible (Malachor V came close to this).
ensure the combatants aren't restricted by the arena, and can bring the full force of their power bases into play
ensure no one has an unfair advantage because they have a powerful ally, and ensure the debate doesn't become a duel between two characters in the power base.
ensure there is a clear winner
ensure that victory is achieved through the combatants own skills rather than the ability of their allies.

I understand that in a real Kaggath things would be different, but for the purpose of debate things have to be modified. In the future however, some rules might be removed to make the duel more interesting.

And Barsenthor vs Darth Nox sounds like a very interesting duel...