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I really wish we were allowed to transfer, if only for a day, because I cannot parse high on a trans-atlantic connection. It seems fine in PvP and raids, with the enemies taking what seems to be the correct amount of damage, but on the dummies it's just a complete failure with lag and packet losses. I actually parse higher on some of the bosses than I do the dummies (and no, I am not refering to the bosses with a huge debuff such as the droid in KP). That said, 1900 strikes me as really high, even with debuff. I'm not questioning it, just saying that it's high.

How much effect does the armor debuff have by the way? Have the theorycrafters come up with a percentage?
Best to go at late night with under 80 people on fleet or buy the ship trainning dummy. All my parses I average 1825 without armor debuff