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12.02.2012 , 02:13 AM | #68
1. Tzipi
2. The Bastion
3 Republic Fleet
4. 10-11PM PST.

I own a CE and billing is not until the middle of December. Circumstances.. I was switching around toons (mainly between my consulars / inquisitor Tzipi .. Tzipi'Too .. and Tzipi'Damus ) ordering crafting missions. At the time I did not notice missing quick bars but the professions menu asked me to choose a profession.. I logged in a bit of shock out and checked my bank / swtor account first. A few minutes later, Tzipi appeared as a subscriber again. In my in-game mail, my CE special items were sent to Tzipi. (Some had been deleted from the bank by whatever error occurred tonight). Some pets, Founder's medal, party jawa, etc. Afterwards, I checked Tzipi'Too and that toon appeared completely unaffected.

Really frustrating. I have to restore my bars .. but more importantly I'm going to be paranoid about any possible losses / what if it happens again. Tzipi has been my main almost since launch. It's no fun logging in and seeing your toon not quite like you left it.