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You know the swtor encyclopedia that was released is saying the republic is doing fine and kicking *** and the empire is in chaos/fractured?
what part of me saying it was clear the empire was losing did you not understand? The novel could say the republic has already won if it wanted to(it didn;t not even close). It wouldn't change the game from showing something completely different. not to mention that very encyclopedia says the empires key to victory is right around the corner.

the arguement i put forward was never that the empire wasn't losing but that it hasn;t really lost all that much up to this point despite being on the losing end. it hasn' lost any world it had under it's controll that we know off or it got it back right after losing it. It has lost quite a number of dark council members which has effected it but there are lines of dark council wantabees out there, and all they need is to find the one that clicks in a particular spot to turn everything around.