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12.20.2011 , 10:13 AM | #1
Personally it was just lackluster, had really no story to it, was an abomination including the random droid that does things randomly, the horrendously stupid elevator that takes forever to go anywhere, the rewards (gosh that armor was so horrible I just stripped it of mods because none of us could justify letting the guy wear the new heavy guardian armor (hint it sucks and only really 2 armor variants exist, a horribly stiff cape option that is not Jedi-like or a robe option with minimal anything (horrible choices...).

I thought the Mandalorian Raiders was bad but that was actually more enjoyable and didn't have some stupid (not innovative or cool) mechanic about dodging fire (that did nothing to the boss and somehow kept launching from the same locations) while missiles launched. Worse, the fire would hurt you before the battle even started because of some glitch, and the door blocked our sage healer from getting in the first time...

So far Esseles was the only actually cool one. Taral V is up next, hope you redeem yourself with that, but these are just utter CRAP! TOR is supposed to set itself apart via story, well the FP's are a great way to do that and they are just terrible. Even Athiss had a better mechanic with the flames, but essentially that one was lackluster too.

And Hammer Station was just awful in terms of being boring and dull.