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Should you stank expertise?

I can get my assualt vanguard with WH up to 1364

I was told after 1200 I should do power

Anybody know the soft and hard caps?

Also I am running a 4/6/31 build

Is that the best build for assault tree?

I don't know if you should stank anything, sir.

But, seriously, the soft cap on Expertise is 1200. If you're full WH geared, you can afford to replace the armorings in your modable Belt and Wrists (with reflex armoring 27), and both crystals for your MH and OH (with advanced hawkeye crystals). That will net you right at 1200 Expertise.

There is no hard cap for Expertise. Hardcap means the game locks you at a certain number and will not allow you to go past it. Soft cap is where DR's become so great that spending any more points in that stat is basically wasting it.

4/6/31 is the best build for PVP. Once you're full WH with Eliminator set bonuses, you need to replace ALL your mods with max Power mods (meaning the mods with the lower Aim/End and higher Power). You all need to replace ALL your enhancements with max Power/Surge enhancements. Put max Power mods intot he mod slot of your mod-able Belt and Wrist to go with your Advanced Reflex Armoring 27's. You also need to augment EVERY piece of gear with Advanced Overkill Augment 22.
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