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12.01.2012 , 09:58 PM | #31
I'd really like to see more Ranked Warzones but I admit, like Anetheia, I can be very picky =/ (Good to see you back! Same with Anim, talked to you the other day though.) Plus.. every time I've gone into a RWZ, I tend to always DC. Anyone else have this issue? I literally enter and all of a sudden BOOM. Welcome to your desktop! It stresses me out beyond belief, it truly does.

RoH is not currently doing RWZs on a regular basis, either. I run with random groups and unfortunately tend to find my stress levels elevated afterward x) I also got trounced repeatedly by CE Sentinels and Vanguards in my recent excursion into a RWZ.

Lol Maybe once whatever the DC issue is resolved I'll be more willing to attempt RWZs on a more regular basis. At this point all I can really do is restart my computer and pray that the 4-5 DCs I'm getting every day don't occur at the really wrong times.
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