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I'm kind of curious would it be worth it to get the damage reduction from both the shield tree and the tactics tree?

For something like this. Granted there are still 4 other points i didn't allocate because I'm not sure what to do with, and I'm only level 33 so I don't know what would be a great build.

Also I know the absorption rate bonus from Ceramic Plating isn't great, but I was thinking about getting the benefit of the 1 minute CD reduction. I don't know how beneficial Adrenaline Rush is.

Again I'm just curious what you all think, as I'm still very inexperienced.
That honestly looks like a variation on the old IronFist build. If you have 4 points left over, 1 point in Storm is mandatory for a build like this, in my opinion. After that, maybe 2 points in the shared tree to leverage the damage you're getting from stockstrike, especially considering this is one of your core abilities. That last point could certainly go into caramic plating as a 30 second CD reduction on your only healing ability isn't a bad thing. Another option is 1 point in Static Surge to pick up that free AoE blast when you charge into a group (it also has the added bonus of reducing the damage done by all opponents hit buy it). Static Shield isn't really a bad option if you're trying to leverage even more stockstrike hits, but since you aren't really stacking shield rating for PvP anyway, it's use is quite limited.