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1. Air Strike Codes: There's only 4 NPCs that drop these, and they spawn incredibly slow. Add in the fact that you have 20 or so people trying to defeat these 4 NPCs. Worse yet, if you initiate a fight with them, and someone else jumps in and attacks NO ONE gets an airstrike code! And EVERYONE basically jumps in and attacks thinking they can ninja grab a code, just making things worse.
Yes, the spawn rates are way too slow and few for some of the quests (air strike codes). It's even worse considering some of the appropriate NPCs do not appear to drop the mission item 100% of the time.

The spawn rates, locations, and frequency of drops needs to be increased significantly. It's hardly worth doing this quest b/c of this issue. This mission was a pain to do even at 10am on a weekday.

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I'm not up to level 50 yet, but wouldn't some of those problems be solved if people obsessively grouped more? If you see someone else standing around for the mob, give 'em a /wave, then send them an invite. Then you wouldn't have any problems with "other people" jumping in and dealing damage which apparently makes some mobs not drop their item.
It'd help, but when the item needed for a repeatable daily quest only drops from 2 spawns with spawn timers of a couple minutes you've got a bad design. And then you also need more than one of the item.