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Hi everyone, PUGS is a progression focused ops group made up of friends from several guilds and we have been playing together for several months now. Together we have progressed through HM EC 4/4 and HM TFB 5/5. Now we are starting in on NiM EC but two of our members have joined Hatred and therefore have less time to raid with PUGS so we are looking for more members!

Needs: 1 Healer and 1 rDPS

What we are looking for: PUGS is more than just on ops group, we are friends! So even though our goal is to progress, we want to have fun doing it. We want someone who is skilled (doesn't need to be told how to play), dependable, and more importantly someone who is fun to play with.

Raid times: Thursday, Sunday, and Monday 6-9PM PST

Please contact me here or in-game if interested!!!
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