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well when they rase the level cap there will pre level cap operations , they are not going to go out of there way for pre 50 operations , due to the huge amout of time it would take to make , and the tiny amount of time poeple would use them regually
for example exp in a flash point is around 1/2 a level , so take an oprations scaling up , to 3/4 of a level and u had that operaton for at level 25 , first people would try to do it erly , meaning the group would wipe
, due not haveing half there abilites,s
2nd , they would only be around 4 levels these operations would be uefull due to the way exp works ,
tbh how long does it take to do 4 levels probly 4 -5 hours max
3rd , they would have to find a group , do u realy expect level 25,s who are still very new to the game to be ready for them , what the leveling system is doing is a story and a step by step guide to useing new abilities and getting used to them , why make encounters without half the abilities makeing it harder for develpers to creat
4th end game conten would suther this would be bad for every 1 !!!!
5th twinks , and higher levels farming them it would make the gap bigger between the experenced players on alts being able to get friends on there 50's to take them though them to make them even more over powered , i have level 11 who can solo eselence fully augmented 41 power couler crystals , bis. i can do this cus in game i have credits to burn but for normal people leveling alts they cant aford to do stuff like this , im this is a nice idea but sadly does not make sence in adding to the game .....

i would questions the sanity of bioware / ea if they ever even considered this ......

how ever if u w8 till the rased level cap you will have level 50 ops avilble before u hit max level .
sry about spelling im dyslexic i would spell cheak this but just taking a 5 min break from uny work and i realy cant be bothered sry