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12.01.2012 , 06:25 PM | #1
I thought i would share my video guide for nim kephess 8man. We were the 1st US guild to kill him. I made this for my guild, so i only cover how we do it based on our raid comp. I know there are several way to tackle this encounter. I hope it can help people still working on him. I also dont cover all the mechanics, only the new additions to nim as i assume everyone has a working understanding of him on HM.

Our raid comp is:
2 powertech tanks
2 sorc healers
2 maras
leth sniper
hybrid sorc
<Suckafish> Guild Site
Suckafish Youtube Channel
Phebus Sorc Healer Maeday PT Tank
Khabal Jugg Tank Teknowhor Merc DPS