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If you want to attack from range, then definitely go with the sniper. It's more focused on your Cover ability though, but you get a bar specifically for cover when you're in that mode. And the sniper has the best range, so you'll have plenty of time to drop down into cover while your friend is positioning his tank for the encounters.

The damage spec'd operative is more of the classic rogue type melee fighter. The drawback to it is that you don't get your "ambush from stealth" ability until level 36, so you're limited to backstabbing from stealth. Once you get it, you'll notice a big difference.

If you go with the healing operative, you'll have a tank/healer combo and pretty much instant queues for any flashpoint you want to run. (But you're grouped with a tank so you'd probably have that anyways.) Operatives are more HoT focused though, you really want to drop your HoTs on every ally you have so you have a greater chance for the instant heal procs. But the procs for the instant heal is another one of those things you have to wait for, since it's about midway into the tree if I remember correctly.

Now I don't know how much your friend plays, but if he doesn't play as often as you, I'd recommend leveling your main to 50 and getting the HK-51 quest done when he's not online. The reason for this is that both the agent and the inquisitor start with a tank companion, so if you unlock HK for your agent, you'll get to kill things faster. The drawbacks to this is that HK doesn't give you conversation faction, so summon your class companion when you go into a conversation. And HK's gear doesn't scale like it's supposed to, so you have to get droid parts to gear him up with as you level.
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