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Sideous though probably had significantly more knowledge of Sith tricks than Caedus though, Luke Skywalker actually would have killed Caedus in the book Inferno, he only stopped because of something that Ben Skywalker said, and Luke knew that if he killed Caedus then, he'd lose his son to the darkside.
This is true. I didn't say Caedus completely dominated, though. I said he held his own for a while, and he did. Also in this particular case he was ambushed by Luke and had to fight against two people in the dark. Sidious probably did have more knowledge of specifically Sith tricks, but the tricks that Caedus learned weren't just Sith ones.

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Darth Caedus nearly got killed by Mara Jade Skywalker, he only barely won, he got the stuffing beat out of him by Luke Skywalker, and would have been killed if not for Ben being in danger of falling to the darkside. Hell, Caedus nearly ended up getting impaled by Ben, and only reason he didn't was Lowbacca's bad timing.
All true, but how does this relate to Yoda specifically? Very few Sith would last long against both Luke and a pissed off Ben. Also as I recall, Caedus left himself open because he was trying to tempt Ben into attacking him. As for Mara Jade, she was a skilled assassin---but you make a good point. He just barely got out of that alive. Probably because he was too confident in his ability to manipulate Mara into letting him live. Nevertheless, he did win.

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Even if Caedus was stronger in the force than Sideous, he also pulled a lot of stupid stunts that if not for other people's idiocy or bad timing, or someone's kid being emotionally unstable, would have gotten him killed many times over his brief reign. I think Yoda would have won, regardless of whether or not Caedus was stronger in the force, because Caedus made more stupid mistakes in his brief reign than Sideous did over his entire lifetime.
Those mistakes were due to arrogance more than plain stupidity. Even Yoda freely admitted that arrogance was one of his flaws (and it got him fried by Sidious at one point). So that was a flaw they both had. Yoda was probably less arrogant because he wasn't a megalomaniac, but it could still cost him, too.
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