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I think you need a lesson on fact and opinion, you act like everyone agree's with what you say. And then with the statement above its like you think you know the facts better than us.

Why in the world would you want realism in Star Wars? I figured futuristic men fighting with saber swords and mystical energies was plain enough to say SW is fantasy.

And how would you know how people would be like in that type of world?

I mean, just 200 years ago romances and relationships went down allot differently than they do today. Hell, 400 years ago most of them were forced.
No, I know what the difference is between fact and opinion. If you like characters that act in an unrealistic manner, that is your opinion. It is my opinion that I do not. What is a fact is that they don't act like human being generally do.

Why would I want realism in characterization? Well, I don't know, how about you watch the original trilogy? The character's are believable, and more importantly we have an identifiable main character to follow, and also voice the questions the audience wants to voice. By the time we're a fourth of the way in to the movie, we meet Han; a roguish but enjoyable character that the audience may identify with. He's also a believable person.

After that, as the trilogy progresses, we are introduced to a romance that feels a lot more real; it's developed better and produced in a way that brings intrigue from the audience.

In the prequels it often feels like Anakin does more to push Padme away than to attract her. Perhaps we just don't see any of the actual romantic portion of their lives, but then that's immediately an issue. We have the one scene in the field where Anakin basically says "My love for you is like a lovely river of lovingly flowing love" and then she swoons. It really feels like a case of "They fall in love because it says they do in the script".

Even most people who like the prequels can generally admit that the romance told in it was -bad-.

The thing is, Lucas has good ideas but they need a filter. We see that in the original trilogy. People were willing to say "no that sounds dumb" to Lucas when he suggests things like the final fight between Luke and Vader take place in "the inside of a volcano that looks like hell" and "Vader picks the Emperor up and walks in to the lava with him over his head". His ideas are unfiltered in the prequels, and therefore they all get in. Which is why the first movie especially often feels like it's going in four or five different directions.

Lucas says it himself. There's a video of his own reaction after the first staff screening and he says "You know, I think the problem is we tried to do too many things". He tries to remedy that in the second film. Tries.
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