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Ack! Forum ate my earlier post.

@ Bright: Love the earlier Math pieces, as well as Wynston-Quinn-Ruth. You’re right—Quinn’s abrupt change is odd, almost like there’s a companion conversation that’s missing in-game. More fic fodder, I guess. Also the recognition that Quinn is not unlike him, and some of what he dislikes about Quinn is that similarity.

@ Kabeone: Well, if you have female body type 4 and bought two of the hats…yeah, I got nothing. Very funny. Especially Lord “I don’t pay attention to fashion” Scourge. Just have the tailor make something elegant, what could go wrong?

So, to move away from events that shape the galaxy’s future, I present something far more prosaic:

Kirya and Rixik Uncharted Territiory

Zombie Prompt: Worlds Colliding/Home Ec

Title:Filling Station

If you own a vehicle and drive, eventually you must stop at the filling/petrol/gas station. That great social equalizer.