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People keep saying that Merc/Commando DPS is not good. I agree that they need some love, easily shutdown and interruptible, but their DPS is fine. I don't pvp alot with my mando anymore but they have great damage.
Comparing them to a Sorc/Sage, they have extreme burst. What they lack is an escape mechanic, like force speed.I like alot of the suggestions made in this thread and hopefully Allison & Co. really want to help.
I am not trolling, I just did not like people saying the damage is bad. I think the damage is fine other than the heavy reliance on Grav round/tracer missile. Even with that, the damage is strong and much more meaningful than, for example, a multi-dotting sorc/sage. Again, not looking for an argument, just a discussion.
Overall damage is fine if allowed to freecast for an extended period of time, but I disagree regarding burst. Gunnery has steady damage if uninterrupted, but any "burst" is back-loaded on the rotation and highly dependent on optimal conditions (which is a big disadvantage in PvP where TTK is very short and you're unlikely to get a full rotation off due to unavoidable target-switching and constant interrupts/stuns/mezs/KBs etc. It certainly doesn't have enough burst to burn down a decent healer the way real burst-dps spec'd ACs do (perhaps that would be different if the AC had more tools to pre-empt self-heals, like the stealth-stun-burst ACs do). Commando burst is a little better on Assault, but I disagree with ppl who say that respec'ing to Assault spec makes Commandos equally desirable in PvP as other dps-spec'd ACs, despite an Assault -spec'd Commando's improved mobility over the other dps tree.