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This is the prologue. I've already written about 3 chapters but I want to keep a chapter or 2 ahead. So, this is my take on what happens to the SWTOR main characters, Revan, Scourge, and the Emperor. The normal chapter are longer. Prologue is short, this is basically a tease

Prologue: Maelstrom Prison

Whiteness. Blackness. A storm of chaos raged around Revan, as it had for the past three centuries. Never ending, the wrath of the Emperor assailed him from all sides, trying to ply his secrets from his very mind. Revan had no idea how long the Emperor had been torturing him; it could have been a day or a millennium. But time had no impact on Revan. He was fighting for his family, his wife and son, and it was a fight he would not lose. And Revan was not without tricks of his own. For although the Sith Emperor, Lord Vitiate, possessed a knowledge of the Dark Side unrivaled by any living being, Revan had the advantage of knowing both sides of the Force. He realized that the Force transcended any such notion as light and dark, that it relied on balance between the two. Through his knowledge, Revan had gained the ability to covertly strike back at the Emperor from his mind, planting seeds of doubt and fear over the past three hundred years.

It had been Revan who had facilitated the Emperorís desire for peace. For although Revan had no idea what state the galaxy was in, he had gleaned from the Emperorís mind that the galaxy was in a state of turbulence, and he therefore had surmised that the Emperor had begun his war on the Republic. Revan had since been ever more careful with his roundabout attacks on the Emperorís consciousness. But the Sith had seemingly lessened his interest in Revan in lieu of the galactic conflict that he commanded. So, Revan had been able to reach out with consciousness and sense the minds of some of the Galaxyís Force-sensitives. He had been alarmed at his findings Ė for in his probing, Revan had felt the minds of four beings whose potential power surpassed any otherís in the Galaxy, excluding his and the Emperorís. He knew that two were acolytes on the Sith homeworld of Korriban, and that the other two were Jedi initiates on a planet Revan had no knowledge of. This made Revan redouble his efforts against the Emperor, to ensure that the four Forcefull beings had time to train during the brief pause between conflicts that Revan himself had engineered.
The Darkslayer Legacy
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