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Hoyden's perfectly fine. It was already taken or it would have been what I chose

Scourge and her mother's conversation was funny - the extent of history there, the assassination attempts. And that kiss. /fans self
And I sympathize about the difficulty of writing Scourge - he's challenging. Really challenging.
"Hoyden" it is, then *hugs for the commentary* that conversation almost didn't make it in.
I'm having some niggles about Mirrigan coming off as a vapid Mary Sue. She's not, but I'm afraid her confusion is manifesting that way and, if it is, I'm not sure how to turn that around but less frowning and more...Coruscant

Hideously challenging. I've been avoiding what I know are beautifully-written Scourge stories, here in this forum. It's inspiring to read others' work but in this case I'm worried that certain facets I see in him might be compromised by different viewpoints. That's a worry I haven't had about anything else I've written- ever- both fanfic and just plain fiction. It's weird. I do admit that I've glanced at Kabe's art from time to time, though