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I disagree here. If you're in a group with 2 troopers, a guardian and a sage all under level 13, and light armor drops, the trooper and guardian who roll need on it are being ninja looters. Troopers don't have light armor companions and the guardian won't have theirs for another few levels. I agree that loot should generally be free rolled, but they shouldn't be taking it form a players that can use it in the here and now. Perhaps the term "ninja" doesn't apply if they don't "vanish" by dropping group, but the fact remains, they're stealing loot from a player for the sole purpose of selling it or simply out of spite. By ignorance or greed is a whole other topic, but the fact that f2p players can't trade within flashpoints only compounds the problem (or f2p players have been lying the whole time. Never tried trading with one).
Did that sage solo the boss? If not, then everyone who participated in the fight has an equal right to reap the rewards. The same would apply if the boss dropped a piece of heavy armor with strength on it. The sage has no need for heavy armor with strength, but should not be excluded from rolling.

While I understand your point regarding the Guardian not getting their light armor wearing companion for another few levels, having that orange gear that you can equip right away can make a difference.