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A nearly 1 year necropost? I think that's a record or something.

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Yes, Heroic 4's are way way to hard and are really misleading.
Not really. The leveling H4s are pretty much all simple, toned down FPs: they require specialization, cooperation, and actual intelligent play, rather than just facerolling through. The fact that fewer people run the H4s so they don't know the strats for those bosses that explicitly require them doesn't really mean that they're "too hard" or "misleading".

The Heroic that you're having a problem with requires either CC (for the elite) coupled with the ability to kite intelligently (so that an errant AoE doesn't pop the CC) or a boatload of DPS (to burn the elite down while the tank blows survivability CDs) coupled with people that know how to interrupt as well as the ability to kite when he enrages. The boss for that Heroic is pretty much like the Rakghoul Behemoth from Kaon with an add that has to be CCd or burned and an AoE that needs to be interrupted.
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