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slow time won't break CC if you force pull the other mobs away from the CCed one.

i didn't have anything saved up for Nadia either. i just gave her my old gear when i found better pieces to wear.

as far as tanking goes, it's a bit different in each game, at least the ones that i've played. leveling as a tank in this game is much easier due to the companions, though holding agro when you're in a party can be difficult at times (for a guardian anyways, shadow had less problems holding aoe threat due to slow time being spammable). this is also the first game i've played where a tank class has stealth. surprisingly, it works. had to get used to it at first, lol.
Right, slow time doesn't break cc now. I turned 50 the first week of last January. Slow time did break cc at the time, so that I would have to wiggle around as you mentioned. My point is I couldn't just spam for the fences. As far as force pull goes, the way I do it is stealth and cc then force pull the cc'd one out of the pack (force pull doesn't break cc). That way I was clear to force speed in and spam slow time/force breach/ whatever. I don't remember the name of the ae threat ability that shadows have right now but through self heals and TC's 8 sec channeled stun there was no content that I couldn't roll through then (or now)

My sk in EQ1 had a clicky insta-stealth, the famed "pre-nerf Circlet of Shadow", I used all the time, that coupled with instant feign death made him an armor plated ninja.