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Yes, Heroic 4's are way way to hard and are really misleading. They depend way to much on particular class abilities and not about player cooperation. It doesn't matter how well a group works together if you don't have a particular class ability to succeed.

I just tried "Not Afraid Enough" on Voss with a 47 Guardian, a 47 Scoundrel, 48 Sentinel and a 49 Shadow. We were doing awesome up until the last champion boss and his elite pet. It ran like a 2 heroic then tuned into a 16 Operation on the last boss.We had no in combat cc's and the both the Boss and his pet hit way too hard. If we had a in combat 60 cc this would have worked, everything I read on line said that was the way to do it. Basically we wasted half an hour doing this mission just to fail because we didn't have a player that could do in combat crowd control.

An "ability" only usable by one or two classes should not make or break a Hard earned mission!

Too many Heroic 4's are unachievable without Stealth's and/or in combat CC's. We need balance PVE content and to have special class abilities unnecessary the get these missions done.

If you don't need class specific cc's for Hard Mode's and Operations they you shouldn't need them for simple leveling content!
You only refer to 1 particular mob in 1 particular HC 4 Mission in 1 particular planet. That's not enough to call every HC 4 in the game too hard. You are simply not good enough, get over it.
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