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12.01.2012 , 06:03 AM | #9
Assuming that your stats are ~ 30%def, 50% shield 60%abs, id say to go with the on-use shield/abs dread guard relic instead of the defense one. Personally, im a defense fanatic. I stack it till it hard caps for no intelligent reason. However, Based on diminishing returns, adding the extra stats from a defense on-use relic, you go from 30 to 32% defense. Whereas the shield/abs relic will give you a shield boost from 65 - 73%shield (50 - 58% if dark ward is down) and 60 - 65%absorb. Your choices are 2% chance to dodge 100% damage, or an extra 8% chance to block 65% damage. Force attacks aren't relevant in this, since neither will mitigate them. So all things swing in favor of the shield/absorb relic.
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