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But there is evidence; ITS KOTOR 2. The Sith destroyed themselves after the death of Malak, and either Revan's defection or just leaving. The Sith lost Korriban, Traya even says that when the pub forces arrived the Sith had all killed themselves.

Traya never had an empire, she lead Malacore V and a few ships. You are using flawed information to make your assumptions, therefore your assumptions are false. I call a re-examination.
^This. Kreia has scattered remnants of forces while Revan has a vast army...this is the main reason I thought this contest ridiculously favored Revan.

After reading the OP I honestly expected more from this thread than the "who's better/cooler" threads I've glanced at and skipped over in the past. But half the arguments here have come down to support of which character people like more without any real thought put into the pure logistics of the militaries facing off against each other, leaders aside. But while I expected more from his initial post, the OPs contrivance to force a 1 on 1 battle, and his blatant defense of Kreia throughout the debate...well, I guess I know to just pass over these Kaggath threads like I would a thread titled "Death Battle".

You know it's a good debate when your supposedly impartial judge is going to argue for one side the whole time