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Quote: Originally Posted by AmberGreen View Post
We appreciate your reports about this issue, and we are actively researching the problem.

If you are experiencing this issue, please post with the following information:
  • What class are you?
  • What is your crew skill?
  • What was the name(s) of the specific schematic(s) that you lost?

While we are working to ensure the fix for an upcoming patch, there isn't a definitive time frame for the fix. Thanks for your understanding and patience.
Class: Bounty Hunter/Mercenary
Crew Skill: Armstech (originally accidentally picked Armourtech then switched)
Schematics Lost:
Reflex Barrel 3 (Originally bought from trainer, have rebought this)
Overkill Ion Sniper
Hawkeye Ion Sniper
Critical Ion Blaster
Tempest Ion Blaster
But the latest one that really caused me to rage was the the
General's Sonic Ripper
because a friend was waiting for this as we've just hit the right level and it took a lot of time and resources to get it.

In addition, I had lodged a customer support ticket a week ago when the first occurence happened, but I've had absolutely no response. I've even updated it with additional comments since but I've still received absolutely nothing. It's nice to show you really care about your subscribers... or is it that you already have my money you feel I can be cast aside?