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this is my experimental spec, its doing OK... Im still getting used to it, one thing I can say tho. I have a hell of alot more moveability and adapbility than I used to have running this one. The mechanics are easy, instant casts and lightning barrage has priority, fill with lightning strik/crushing darkness/force lightning as you yourself please, if they interrupt your channel, well guess what? Lightning strike is buffed up and usable.

But as I said, it is very much so experimental and in early stages, but it might work well for someone else as well, I usally dont share this stuff, or read other peoples builds for that matter... kinda want to find my own path, but as I dont feel that I suck in pvp, I thought I'd pitch in.
You really shouldn't leave out polarity shift if you ever go that high in lightning. Its a great utility ability and decent offensive cooldown.
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