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12.01.2012 , 02:37 AM | #151
Maybe it's just because I liked Starfox so much when I was a teenager, but I like the on rails feels. And really, parts of it aren't that different from other Star Wars games I've played and liked in arcades, etc. Rogue Squadron is a great game, but it's just a slight addition to the "on rails" concept (you can only go so many places on their maps, etc.). So they're probably always going to have issues with people that want a full-fledged space sim, even though only so many games are like that. The bigger problem, though, is in the lack of map variety and mission types. If they were doing better there it would feel less grindy and you could enjoy that style of piloting game more.

I think the addition of space zones and exploration is something they really need to work toward (because people would love that), but I'd hate to lose the current space missions to that. Both yes, losing one or the other, no.

I still wish they had planned on this from early on in the game process. I was as shocked as the game media I read when it was revealed Bioware hadn't been planning to make space combat a part of the game. I don't recall when it was, but a year or so before release? Made no sense to me.