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I haven't done much story but my favorite so far was at the end of SW story when Baras calls me a slave and im like "I WAS NEVER AND NEVER WILL BE YOUR SLAVE!"(ignites saber and charges)

Great line very memorable. I really wish that the class stories where replayable......

other good ones,,,,
1. Bounty hunter act 2? or is it 1?lol The part with the Jedi on his ship Jedi: "Put down your weapons and surender to me!" Bounty hunter with hilariously flat voice: "Has that ever worked?" Jediwaves hand) You will surrender to me Now." Bounty hunter: (waves hand) "you will relise what an idiot you are"

2.Sith warrior act 1 To Jaesa: DS: Join me, And we will conquer all and unleash your true power! (Clenches fist)

3.Sith warrior on Nar shaddaa Hutts: Guards deal with this fool SW: (Forcepushes retarded apprentice away and owns all 3 guards. Hutts: Wha? SW: Runs, Kills hutts dramaticly