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[SIZE="5"] I love Foundry , I do not get why Revan Fans get their panties in a twist when they talk about it ?!
You're an idiot. It's not PC, but it's my opinion... *shrugs*

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[SIZE="5"] When powerful Forceusers die they usually die in some fantastic way , like Sidious when Vader tossed him down they Giant Pipe Gutter like a Doll.
I don't suppose you read any of George Lucas's books? The star wars moveis were made off a series of nine books written by the old man himself. When Sideous got tossed down into the power core he, Like the current Sith emperor, did not die. His body was destroyed, sure, but the little **** simply went force ghost, retreated to his fortress of doom and used an already prepared clone body of himself to come back. The next three books, which are soon to be movies by the way, are about how he's rapeing the new galactic republic from the shadows and trying to steal Anakin Solo's body.

NOT ONLY THAT! but our current emperor is still arround! he's hiding out on dromud kaas and using operatives to harvest tech from Darth Sidious's war to try and resurect the empire that Bane tore down. Yeah, the old fart is still tiredly trying to consume the galaxy after 10 THOUSAND years.
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