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There was a huge world PVP event like that on Jung Ma. Im talking battles of over 50 players on each faction across 2 planets with actual objectives. I can find the link to the thread on that sometime later but it worked pretty awesome.

It would definitely be cool to start something up. There was a pretty good duelling tournament several months back but nothing since that ive known about.
Yeah I saw some footage of that a while back. For those kinds of events we might want to develop a mechanic that would incentivize splitting your faction's forces between multiple objective points (otherwise it'll be a zerg/lagfest). There would be certain areas to take control of (not sure what that would entail, I'll think more about it) that we would set so that they are the same distance from the nearest rep outpost/medceneter as they are from the nearest imp medcenter, and we'd design rules and victory conditions that would make it desirable to contest all or most of these areas and also have some your players swinging to different areas as needed.