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12.01.2012 , 12:09 AM | #21
My recommendation for you would be Commando DPS. Here's why:

You wear heavy armor as a commando, which will help your survivability.

You will be a damage dealer with a good amount of abilities that can take down groups of weak guys all at the same time (AOE - area of effect abilities).

All your companions use the same base stat as you (aim). This makes it incredibly easy to gear them. You can just hand them your own gear each time you upgrade a piece and if you want to swap out companions, you can just take off all the gear from one and put it onto another. Other classes have companions who all need different base stats.

You get a healer pretty early on (at the end of taris). With a healer you should be able to kill just about non-stop, with you doing the damage, and the healer keeping you alive.